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Home Sweet Ljubljana

Dave can you say Loob lee ana?

rain 18 °C
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After a six hour train ride, we arrived in Ljubljana Slovenia which has a population of 350 000 in comparison to 1.7 million in Vienna. The country of Slovenia has a total population under two million. We do love the smaller places the best and after a quick walk in the rain, we have already fallen in love with this place.


I watched a movie on the train, 'About Time.' The main character can travel back in time to live his day over again. This is a quote from the end of the movie and we will do our best to follow its message as we journey on.

"I enjoy every day. I try to live this day as if it was the full final day of this extraordinary, ordinary life. We are all travelling through time together every day of our lives and the best we can do is relish the remarkable ride."

With the rain comes much cooler temperatures, which I really like! The evening was beautiful. Just perfect for a walk through the cobbled streets to enjoy the atmosphere.


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Different faces of Vienna

Things you see when you can't follow a map!

sunny 30 °C
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We arrived in Vienna yesterday by shuttle van driven by a young man driving up to 145 km/hour. He didn't go that fast the entire time but let's say we made good time. We have a lovely apartment with AC. THANK GOODNESS. Today we set off to the old centre of Vienna with map in hand, following a route that had descriptions of what we were seeing. I guess it was your basic walking tour that took in the main sights. I was all business with the map and following the correct route when Dave decided to stop and smell the roses. Yes, the park we were walking through had many roses but it was going to be hot today so I wanted to get on our way. Dave sat on the bench anyways. There were many empty chairs, as it was early in the day, ready for some relaxing with friends. Let's go!!


So off we went no longer following the maps strict route. This good and bad all at the same time. You can be guaranteed if Dave looks at the map and says go this way, it will be the opposite of where we had actually planned to go. Today our map reading skills led us to a couple of extra churches and then this.....when I think of Danube river (well it is the Danube canal really), this is not what comes to mind......it was interesting all the same but not what I expected to see in Vienna.


We went back to our apartment to cool off and have a snack. The best tasting cherry tomatoes!! In the evening we went back to the historical centre. A summer film festival is being held there each night during the summer. Everyone was eating, drinking and spending together while waiting for the nightly film to begin on a huge screen in front of one of the theatres. We had an a night time adventure on a bus! We should have stayed at the film festival instead.


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Wet Feet

Will your boat float?

sunny 28 °C
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One of the favorite things to do in Cesky Krumlov besides visiting the castle is floating/paddling down the Vltava River especially on a sunny summer day. Well, we had that and Dave was willing with just a bit of convincing. Let me tell you that Dave likes paddling a canoe even less than he likes hiking. Somehow those paddling strokes for the guy in the back were hard to master. Memories of canoe trips from our younger days......


We were driven a few kilometres down the river to launched our canoe/raft. All is good except I couldn't keep my paddle on the correct side of the boat so I became photographer instead. When we were finished our trip I realized there was a fingerprint in the middle of the lens so it looks foggy in the middle of each photo. Oh well.


I can just see Matt's rugby team taking the large raft down the river with matching shirts laughing and having fun. Some groups had matching hats. The best group was three rafts together with sombreros, guitars and singing.


It took us about two hours to get back to Cesky Krumlov and we maneuvered the five rapid shutes without tipping our boat. Others were not so lucky. It was mainly the plastic canoes that took on water and tipped over after the rapids. Part of the fun is onlookers waiting and watching to see who would get wet. We only got splashed a bit which felt good on a hot day.


I have to say I had the best time. Just loved it. Dave was along for the ride.


So who got wet feet? Well I got out if the boat first and was on shore when Dave tipped over sideways, getting out of the canoe/raft. He had a few choice words to say and his feet were definitely wet. I didn't laugh at first but just couldn't help but start giggling which finally got Dave laughing. Now the end to this story is much better than a dry one. For me anyways!!


All that left to do was hang some things to dry while listening to great music playing across the river.



I have to say we loved this magical place. If you ever have a chance to visit, you will love it too, even if you happen to get your feet wet.

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Český Krumlov Love

UNESCO World Heritage Site

sunny 28 °C
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Český Krumlov (pronounced Ches-key Kroom-luv) is fairy-tale town of 15,000 buried in the hills of the southern Czech Republic. With its delightfully cobbled Old Town and colorful castle, Ceský Krumlov is one of those very special places we were lucky enough to visit.


We visited the mighty castle of the Rožmberk family, who ran the city from this perch for three centuries, until about 1600. The strikingly colorful round tower, featuring a 162-step climb to the top, was built to guard the medieval river crossing. You must take a guided tour throughout the castle, which provided us with excellent information about its history.


These two little boys were so cute at the castle so I just had to take their photo.


Český Krumlov is known for being a picturesque town built on a bend in the Vltava River. It is lovely to walk along the river or float down if you have the chance. More to come on that....


Český Krumlov was full of little cobblestone streets and alleys like this one. Even though it's a small town, we spent hours wandering its winding streets that climb towards the castle on the hill.


The Czech people have always been a peaceful people it would seem. They rejoiced when the Nazis left in 1945 and had one day of their own government before a government influenced by communist Soviet Union came into power. They existed as a satellite state of the Soviet Union. On November 17, 1989 a student demonstration in Prague started what is known as the Velvet Revolution. With the collapse of other Warsaw Pact nations and increasing protests, the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia announced that they would relinquish power. It was called the Velvet Revolution because it went so smoothly. So smoothly that not one Czechoslovakian died or was injured during the coop.

We sat on a bench in the Old Town centre where Hitler once stood in 1938 and a Russian tank rolled through it in 1968 to intimidate locals who were demanding freedom. Very peaceful today.


Czechoslovakia split peacefully into the separate nations of the Czech Republic and Slovakia on January 1,1993. The Slovakian areas which had a different language (Slovak) and demographics than the rest of the country, felt that they would be better served and represented by their own government. The country divided itself along language and cultural lines.


Almost everyone speaks English but I try a few words in Czech anyway which is a very difficult language to learn. Czech these words out:

Hello / goodbye (casual)- Ahoj pronounced AH-hoy. That one's easy but after using it we were told often little children use this..

Hello (more formal)- Dobrý den pronounced DO-bree DEHN

Goodbye (more formal)- Na shledanou pronounced NAH SLED-dah-noh

Thank you- Děkuji pronounced DICK-kwee


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Praha at Night

The weird and the wonderful...

sunny 25 °C
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We spent every night in Prague near the river, walking over the Charles Bridge or sitting on Kampa Island surrounded by water with views of Prague surrounding us.


We did see a few weird things.....giant babies and a row of penguins...


Last night we sat in the sand on the island watching the pedal boats going by and the young people behind us were singing and laughing.


We loved Prague!! We walked everywhere even though there are trams to take you all over the city. The Old Town is very crowded most times of the day but you can easily find places to walk where you are all by yourselves. I loved going up into the hills above the Old Town to find walking trails, and beautiful views of the city. Dave would never admit he likes hiking but he enjoyed himself too!!

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