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San Giorgio

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Our B&B suggested that we visit the church of San Giorgio and take the elevator up (first tower in Italy that we didn't have to climb) for a spectacular view of Venice. San Giorgio Maggiore is a 16th-century Benedictine church on the island of the same name in Venice.


So many boats to see and it gave us a good idea of the size and layout of all the areas in Venice.


We bought some train tickets successfully for next Saturday and then wandered back through the maze that is Venice. We saw a few different canals and this photo of two bridges was taken while I was standing on a third bridge.


After a few wonderful days in Venezia, our next destination awaits.....where will two little suitcases go next? It's a 3 1/2 hour boat ride away.....
Well it was supposed to but more on that later.


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A Vaporetto to Somewhere Colourful

An afternoon in Burano

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It was a spur of the moment idea to jump on the next Vaporetto boat that we hoped would eventually lead us to Burano.


As luck was on our side, an hour later, we arrived at an island of every colour.


Burano is famous for it's brightly painted houses and the lace that is made there. Lace is also made in China but sold here so don't be fooled. We looked at a bit of the real stuff and as we have experienced before in Italy, if you don't buy after looking, the sales people are NOT IMPRESSED!!


Here is Dave matching perfectly with the red house, looking perfectly miserable for his photo op. Yes, it was very hot but come on, weren't you having fun Mr. Beach?


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You know you are in Venice when...

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You know you are in Venice when...

1) You will more likely get where you want to go without using a map. Our first day's plan was to get lost in Venice and and be surprised at what it had to offer at every turn. That's exactly what we did!


2) Your taxi doesn't have four wheels but a motor instead. The canals are filled with every kind of boat including the ones that take passengers up and down the Grand Canal.


3) You see men in striped shirts maneuvering their boats through the many canals. Each gondola is made of 8 types of wood and 280 component pieces, plus beech for the oar. The gondola’s ornamental prow (ferro) has six teeth, possibly representing Venice’s six administrative districts (sestieri). The over 400 gondolas in Venice are now all black.


4) The only AC in the Doge's Palace is your fan.
After walking through this palace we learned more about the history of Venice. If you imagine landing in Venice from the sea, as did those who came inland by ship, the first thing you see rising out of the water is the unmistakable shape of the Doge's Palace - the city's most famous building. It was used for three purposes - Doge residence, the seat of the government and as the palace of justice.


5) You can walk over 400 foot bridges that span 170 different canals.


6) When you are standing with some of the 50,000 tourists per day visiting the historic center. It is easy to find streets and canals in other areas like Dorsoduro, where our B & B was located, that are peaceful, quiet and with very few people.


We learned an important fact that visiting a place as a day trip doesn't give you a real taste of what it has to offer. We visited Venice a few years ago on a 40'C day and couldn't wait to go back to our apartment in Padova. After spending the past three days here, we now have a different story to tell.


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These feet were made for walking....

The adventure begins...

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To the theatre we go....


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The final stop on our trip to Europe was London. We stayed in Captain Bligh's home in North Lambeth in the Royal Suite. Lots of royal purple and everything we needed to spend a few days in this great city.


We love going to the theatre in the evening and chose three very different musicals.


The interior of these theatres are full of character, making the performances an experience in its self. On our last night, we sat in box seats for Matilda. Lucky to get these seats at the last moment. At one point, several of the cast members sang a number right beside us!


Our days were spent walking and discovering. We discovered everyone cooling off at Sommerset House as we waited to catch a double decker bus. Regents Park was beautiful, full of roses and paths to be discovered.


Lunch at Covent garden. Paella for me and steak and kidney pie for Dave.


Before heading home on our last day, we visited the Imperial War Museum. Although I had heard my Dad tell us stories of his time in London during the war, the exhibits really clearly showed us what my a Dad and his family faced. We can never know what it was like but now have a better understanding.


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