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Saved by the sea

sunny 30 °C
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The beauty of Rovinj is endless. There are photos to be taken at every turn. The nightly sunsets beg to have their pictures taken. How can I resist?


Today's blog could easily have been titled, Bike Ride Gone Bad. Even though the first part of our day was frustrating as we got lost on our bikes on the way to Moncodogno, the sea saved the day. We were to visit these archaeological ruins but with Dave's map reading skills and following directions, we got way off course. It was only to be a 5km. ride and three water bottles later we were hot, lost and thirsty. Saved by some locals, we went back the way we came skipping our destination all together, opting to find the sea as fast as our legs could get us there. Not having a towel or suit didn't stop me. Dave choose to dangle his legs in. The coolness of the water settled around me and saved me. Turned the day right around.

I ordered grouper for dinner and it was delicious.


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The Most Relaxing Day

Beaches on the beach

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As kids, Bear and I spent endless hour swimming and playing in any body of water. The pool, lake or ocean were inviting to us.

Today we hopped on a boat and twenty minutes later we had arrived on Red Island also called St. Andrija. I felt like a kid today on Red Island.


This island is car free and has one hotel but many secluded flat sections of rock which you can settle into for the day.


It's a bit tricky getting in and out of the ocean but once you do, the cool water surrounds you. When I laid on my back with my ears under water, it sounds exactly like butter sizzling in the frying pan. Floating is a breeze.


Nobody joined us but nearby sunbathers were topless or nude. Others wore their swimsuits and it really appears that nobody takes much notice. A few days ago while I was swimming, I saw one man on the rock in front of me change into his swimsuit with people all around him. Such is life on the rocks!


Seven hours later while floating in the cool, refreshing sea, we decided that this day was the most relaxing one we've ever had on vacation.

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Swimming & Sunsets

On the Adriatic

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While Dave (yes Dave) and I were floating in the sea, we talked about when the last time was that we were swimming in the sea. When we were in Cinque Terre with Jordan we were unprepared for the rocky beaches and didn't bring water shoes. Rovinj has similar pebbly beaches but knowing this our feet were ready for it. Today we rode our bikes to spend the day swimming and relaxing, cooling off in the clear aqua coloured water. When you look up, all you see is blue sky. When you look into the water, you see little fish darting here and there.


After cooking our own supper of Istrian pasta, truffles and truffle oil, we walked up to the top of the village. Along with others, we saw St. Euphemia church and watched the sunset.


Below us came a trio of batana, a typical boat built in Rovinj, being serenaded by traditional musicians. The batana is a traditional wooden fishing boat from 4 to 8.5 m long. It's special feature is the flat bottom that enables navigation and fishing in shallow water.


What is it about sunsets? Just one more photo and then one more....here are just a few.


The evening is perfect for strolling the cobblestone lanes and discovering things that you missed before. Our walk ended back at the harbour where we sat on the stone pier and talked. I also found the panoramic setting on my camera.


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One Kuna, two Kunas, three Kunas, four

How much is a kuna really worth?

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We have never really had trouble with converting foreign currency before but this kuna seems to be confusing us. After a day, we think we have finally figured it out. We knew that $10 was about 55 kuna and we could figure out the smaller purchases easily enough. Our first miscalculation came when I bought this white linen dress for 350 Kuna thinking that I was paying $35. Nope, but the dress is so cute even for $70 that it doesn't matter. Even without Matt's accounting skills we have solved our mathematical weakness simply by dividing by five. We were smart enough not to buy the melon from the market for 37 kuna. We are learning.

This is a what kuna or two will get you in Rovinj-

7 Kunas will buy you a gelato or a yummy croissant for your breakfast every morning.

0 Kunas to stroll down the cobblestone streets and discover doorways to the sea and cute shops to tempt you.


250 Kunas will buy you a fish platter freshly caught in the Adriatic that morning.


75 Kuna will let you experience a sun set cruise with a warm breeze and beautiful pink and blue waves. To make this moment extra special, dolphins will jump out of the water to the delight of everyone on board.


40 Kunas will rent you a bike for 4 hours and 35 Kunas will buy you a cold drink from the beach front kiosk after you drank all the water you brought along.


0 Kuna will surround me in an emerald paradise, feeling alive and refreshed after our bike ride. I tread water surrounded by the dark, rich and crystal clear water of the Adriatic, stretching as far as the eye can see to one side and lapping gently into centuries-old rocks on the other.


There is no photo of me swimming because the other Beach on the beach was too tired to move. This is where I swam the second time but we could have stopped at many other places too. The beaches are pebbly or others prefer to jump in from big rocks along the shore.

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We have fallen in love again...

The Old Town of Rovinj & the Magic of the Adriatic

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Although we arrived in this magical town well past midnight because our boat was only able to use one engine to cross the Adriatic, I awoke the next morning and peeked out our apartment windows. I could hear the seagulls and the fellow below cleaning the stalls for the market. I could see the Adriatic glistening as the sun was rising. I could feel the warm sun on my face.


While Dave was still sleeping, I slipped out of our apartment, located right on the sea front, for my first glimpse of Rovinj. Formerly part of the Venetian Empire, this walled peninsula is a pedestrian wonderland and I was ecstatic to call it home for the next week.


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