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On hike #2 - Col Raiser Station

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One of the most beautiful hikes in the Dolomites, that promises to answer the important questions of life, was our challenge today. Peter once again planned our next hike, with detailed directions to places that are extremely special in the history of the area. We were to not think about anything, let everything go and let our emotions asks the questions. The answers will come and then go. Peter tells us the Italians cry and the Germans get very solemn. We felt serene and at peace, I guess you could say.


To say this hike was a challenge is an understatement. Did we almost turn around and go back down? Yes. By the time we had finished, we had hiked 13 km with an elevation change of over 400m. My Fitbit calculated 189 flights of stairs to give you an idea. Climbing up very steep paths and more gentle accents brought us to the base of these incredible mountains. This is the closest we've ever been to a mountain peak without using a cable car. There are huts sprinkled along the way that you can stop for refreshments and often food too. The signposts, along with your map, keep you on the right path. Looking back from where we've come made us feel very proud of our accomplishment today. It was tough but we did it! Desk jockey Dave was pretty pumped and so he should be!

Any photo with a cow or a dog is my favourite!


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Turn On Your Senses

Our first hike in the Dolomites - Sceda

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With map in hand and detailed instructions, Peter reminded us to turn on our senses while we were hiking. What will we see, smell, feel and hear? For the next five hours that's what we did. Peter told us when it's warm the trees give off their scent. We did smell lovely pine and other sweeter forest scents. We heard birds, trickling streams and rushing water. I felt the warm sun on my back and the pure joy of the wind on the peaks, cooling me off. The hike took us through rocky areas, meadows, green grass, evergreen forests and along crystal clear streams. With the cable chairs and lifts we were able to start and finish on two different sides of the mountain. Incredible!!


If you look on the far left of this photo, this is where the cross was and where we started out. You can see the tiny line going across the green and this is where we hiked until we reached the other side, followed by the hike back down.

Hike #1 - Fitbit info.- 35 000 steps, 23 km & 112 stairs

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A little piece of the Dolomites

In Ortesei-St. Ulrich

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We have settled into Garni Hubertus, our home for the next six days in Ortesei. We are in the Dolomites, in North Italy, to do some hiking. This South Tyrol region is a recent addition to Italy that was chipped away from Austria in 1919 by the Allies as a reward to the Italians for fighting the Germans. As a result, both German and Italian are spoken, everything is printed in both languages including the names of the towns. Ortesei (Italian) or St. Ulrich (German) is the first village of the Val Gardena. People from each of the three villages speak their own version of Ladin, which only they understand. That also means Dave can find his favourite apple strudel here!


Peter, the owner of the B&B, is enthusiastically making suggestions and will be guiding us on our hiking in the mountains. His mom, Crystal, is 82 and helps serve breakfast every morning.

The place is beautiful and Peter made a decision when he built to have no wifi. "Then guest will talk to each other", he said. Wood ceilings, wood floors, very calm feeling and the best shower ever, according to Dave. Sitting on the deck, a cool breeze is coming down through the trees and the birds are flying in and out of the trees. We can't wait to explore it!!


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Delete All

Only our memories of Verona...

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I'm feeling sick to my stomach, as I deleted all the pictures from my camera card while putting them on my iPad. Oops, big mistake! It is 36' here today in Verona so we got an early start and were home by 3. The thing that makes me the saddest is, in this city of love, we saw four different brides and grooms. They were so happy to have their photos taken by complete strangers and one bride even gave us a thumbs up. Her dress laced up the back with red ribbons. Another beautiful bride sat with her bridesmaid at her side, her dress floating around her like a cloud. Her dad was so happy that we wanted a picture of his daughter. One bride and groom were having their photos taken while eating gelato.

We spent the day looking at the architecture while we walked through this beautiful city, searching for these letters - a, m, o, r, e, l, o, v, e. Our plan was to use these photos to spell out the word love in English and Italian. We found some great wrought iron, old windows and a clock for the letter O.

Dave remembers his yummy cappuccino and the coolness of the lemone granita. I took a perfect panorama of the amphitheatre where the operas are held and pictures of many beautiful churches. In the courtyard of the Casa di Giulietta, there is a bronze sculpture of Juliet – people rub her right breast for luck. But the ultimate in romantic gesturing is the many love notes stuck on the walls and doors in the entrance to the courtyard. "Wherefore art thou Romeo?" I will remember it all even without the photos. Everyone knows how I love to take pictures, so we will go out again tonight after it cools down a bit and take a few. Can't get back these memories but we can make some new ones.

It is now 6 hours later and a 35 400 step day so I managed to snap few photos tonight. Of course I did! I've been given some advice about retrieving the photos which I will do later at home. All is not lost!


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10+1 Reasons Why We Love Rovinj

What makes Rovinj such a special place?

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1) The Sea surrounds beautiful Rovinj


2) Swimming and floating


3) Watching the sunsets from the harbour or up at the church.


4) Watching people watch the sunsets


5) Strolling the cobblestone lanes


6) Eating seafood caught fresh in the morning


7) Relaxing


8) Great place to ride a bike


9) Sitting on the rocks as the sun goes down sipping your favourite drink.


10) Dave says pizza. Oh, how about the sun?

11) Last but not least the people were friendly and kind. Communicating was not an issue in the least. Most everyone spoke English, and others German and Italian too.

Your Saturday is just beginning and our is almost done. We say good bye to Rovinj which now has a special place in our hearts. We will go back! It was a travel day including the catamaran back to Venice, a Vaporetto to the train station, and a quick 1 1/2 hours on the train to Verona. More travel tales to come from Italy.


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